What is the job?

    A Digital Compositor, Compositing Artist, works at the end of the VFX process to combine CGI and Digital Matte Paintings with live action plate photography. The art of VFX compositing is to make all the disparate elements, that have been created digitally or photographed practically, come together in a shot that completely fool the audience into believing that everything it sees was photographed in the scene at the same time, under the same lighting conditions, through the same lens and with the same camera.


• Blue/green screen extractions
• Seamless integration of live action, miniature and CGI sources
• Follow production methodologies and develop creative approaches and problem solving
• A knowledge and interest in photography and practical lighting is helpful
• Knowledge of the relevant software (see below)
• A strong eye for detail and precision
• High level of personal quality assurance
• Able to work well under pressure
• Ability to communicate with colleagues and work well as part of a team
• Able to take direction and feedback well from Comp Leads and VFX Supervisors
• Enthusiasm to learn and develop professionally
• Adaptability