Our visual effects management team will help you find the best deals during filming. We will continue to provide you with the best offers on anything that is special effects to give you our absolute guarantee that the ideas of your director will be realized on time and on budget.


This is one of the first steps in the production process, which can help you to determine the mood, lighting, the environment of a single shot or of the project as a whole. This service also includes a storyboard and a quick sketch up.


Pre-visualization is the next step after the storyboard. At this stage, with the help of 3D animation tools, a simplified version of the director’s vision is created, along with camera positioning and its movement, the size of the shot, duration, etc,. This is an extremely important stage of the project as it will help us resolve some issues before they arise.


At this stage of filming, members of our team can be present on the set to measure the distances between objects in the shot to get a more precise parallax at the stage of producing visual effects. This stage also includes the making of an HDR Map for a more precise light replication from the real set and a further integration of it into the virtual environment. This approach ensures that the difference in light between the real filming set and the virtual one is literally non-extant.


During our professional career, we have had the opportunity to make models of many objects, locations and characters. Our experience will allow your projects to feature 3D objects of any difficulty level while only having an idea of what it is that you want to see in the shot. We also make a scan copy of real objects with further retopology for animation and other purposes.


Our team makes the 3D objects come to life and implements them into your projects – they will look real. Modern technology and a collection of special software allow us to add whatever objects you need to your creation.


We will help you create effects that will literally take your breath away. This means replication of destructions of any scale, explosions, rain, snow, waves, plasma, particles and all of this is just a small part of what is possible. This may include anything that you deem necessary or is too dangerous or difficult to be present in your shot. If you want it, we make it. We make it real. We make it a reality.


Our team has a number of powerful tools to make lighting and animation of crowds in your shot. This is breathtaking work. After having added an extra hundred or even a thousand people you shot will look unrecognizably amazing. At the current time, we are conducting incredible development of an artificial intelligence system that will have the behavior of artificially generated people looking 100% authentic – as authentic as the behavior of regular people.


If you are having difficulties working off site with your film crew and cameras to film at location, be it mountains, oceans or ancient Egypt for that matter, we will help you with this without leaving you studio. We can generate all possible and even impossible locations with the help of computer graphics. We can also combine traditional matte paintings and 3D techniques, if this is needed for the project.


With the help of traditional matte painting, our artists can create new realistic worlds and add new elements to filmed objects. We can create any illusion, background or environment whatsoever.


Every processes in making of special effects leads to compositing. Although a lot of work, this is one of the finishing touches on the road to any completed shot or project. Our team is very experienced and has attained a high level of proficiency in this area. We will surprise you with the highest quality and rather small time estimates.


Our team can help you look even better. Perfection knows no bounds – wouldn’t you say? Due in part to a special technique possessed by our team, you will look irresistible.


If during shooting, the camera caught something it shouldn’t have, like filming some part of equipment on set or some part of light fixtures or even something larger than that like a house you want gone or any other object for that matter, our team will flawlessly remove it directly from the source materials on a tight schedule.